Rich Fuchelli is a start-up, ‘negociant’ Israeli  wine company, sourcing wines from the vineyards of the Holy Land. Our objective is to find wines which show the full fruit character and flavor from the heat of the Israeli sun, from cooler high altitude vineyards, that also reflecting the complexity of a wide variety of different terroirs. To this end we visit many wineries on an ongoing basis. There we taste hundreds of wine each year, together with expert leaders in their field, so that we can arrive at the best choice of wines. We want to provide a range of wines that represents the variety of Israel and that also matches the wishes of our clients in terms of quality and value.

We market our wines under the brand name yA-yin (meaning ‘wine’ in Hebrew), which is used throughout the Holy Bible in the New and Old Testament. It is one of the root words closely associated to the origin of the western word ‘Wine’. This is the label we use to export quality wines grown and produced in Israel, across the globe. The style of writing reflects the ancient sources. The word reflects the long Biblical history of wine in the Holy Land, where they were making wine thousands of years before the vine reached France and Italy. Today Israel is much admired start-up country of advanced agriculture, technology and Hi-tec. We feel our yA-yin wines reflect this unique combination of our ancient wine history, combined with state-of-the art technology and the creative energy associated with the Israeli people. The wines represent a taste of modern Israel blended with 5,000 years of history.