Mony Winery is a winery which shows tolerant Israel at its best. The winery is situated at the Dir Riffat Monastery in the Judean Hills Wine Region, that rises on the way to Jerusalem. It is owned by the Artul family, an Israeli Arab family who farm vineyards and olive groves.

The winery is situated on a hill overlooking the Sorek Valley of vineyards. Shakeeb Artul, the family patriarch, who hails from the Upper Galilee, named the winery for his son, a doctor called Mony, who tragically passed away before his time. His other children manage the winery. One of his grandsons has studied winemaking in Bordeaux and works with the winemaker Sasson Ben Aharon, one of Israel’s most  experienced winemakers.

The winery produces 300,000 bottles of wine a year and is also one of Israel’s leading producers of quality olive oil.  The wines recently won impressive awards in the Israel wine Oscars.

The paradox of an Arab family making kosher wine at a Monastery shows the variety of winemaking in Israel and the cooperation between Israeli and Arab, and Jew and Christian is a signpost to Israelis looking for examples of peace and cooperation.

Rich Fuchelli believes in peaceful cooperation between the Jews and Arabs and believes Mony serves as a perfect example showing that people can live and prosper together.