I have always loved wine. I think it brings people together. With a glass of wine anything is possible. Possibly this passion comes from my great grandfather, Rabbi Molayem. He was a winemaker and connoisseur in Shiraz in Persia. Following his enthusiasm and expertise, his descendants have all been wine lovers. Now the quality of Israeli wines match up to his hopes and dreams. Israel is making its best wines at any time during the last 5,000 years.

My career has been spent working in the business side of food and beverage working for large companies and conglomerates. I have spent a lifetime bringing tastes and flavors to people everywhere.

Now I wish to combine my two worlds: my love of wine and my business expertise in the food & beverage world. I formed the company Rich Fuchelli to source wines that match the wishes, perception and price for my customers, from all over the world.

My inspiration is my wine roots. This combines with my business expertise and I work with drive and a passion to fulfill the task I have set myself. I visit numerous wineries tasting hundreds of wines with one of Israel’s leading wine experts, all to find the right wine for the customer, whether an individual,  retailer, restaurateur or distributor.

The wines are blends of the ancient and new. There are aromas of a rich Biblical, Holy Land history, supported by modern technology of modern Israel and the tastes of the perfect Eastern Mediterranean climate we have for making quality wine. It is a beautiful and unique combination.

My other hobby is cooking for my family and friends, opening a good bottle of wine and sharing it together. My favorite wine is Shiraz (or Syrah) which I believe is the grape variety most suitable for our terroir. I believe this variety originated in Shiraz, was grown in the Middle East and was brought back to Europe by the Crusaders. It is what connects my wine origins with the potential of Israeli wine today.  I hope, and feel sure that somewhere, my great grandfather is smiling, probably with a glass in hand!

Traditionally we toast each other with the words Le’Haim, which means To Life! So I want to say Le H’aim to the growers of the Holy Land who produce wonderful fruit and to the talented winemakers who transform it to world class Israeli wines!

Le’Haim (To Life),