yA-yin (meaning  ‘wine’) is the label we use to export quality wines grown and produced in Israel, across the globe. The style of writing reflects the ancient sources. The Hebrew word yayin, is mentioned constantly throughout the Bible and is the root of the western word ‘wine’.

Rich Fuchelli is a start-up, ‘negociant’ Israeli  wine company, sourcing wines from the vineyards of the Holy Land. We taste samples to select quality wines. Our objective is to find wines which show a fruity character and flavor from the heat of the Israeli sun, from high altitude vineyards, that also reflecting the complexity of a wide variety of different terroirs.

The Eastern Mediterranean or Levant was the France and Italy of ancient times and this is where the birth of wine culture took place. The importance of wine in the Judeo-Christian culture stemmed from the rich history of wine chronicled in the Bible. From Noah, through the times of Kind David to Jesus, wine was a central part of the culture, religious ritual and a major export.

The renaissance and rebirth of Israeli wines took place due to the investment and expertise of French experts provided by the Rothschild family. Today Israelis make the most of their wonderful climate, their world famous agricultural prowess, state of the art technology and the wisdom from 5,000 years of winemaking, to make world class wines.

My job is to find the wine and match it to the needs of the client. For this, I taste hundreds of wine with one of Israel’s leading experts, before coming up with my selection.

My name is Ronhi Shang Arieli. I am owner and founder of the Rich Fuchelli. I have 25 years experience working in the Food & Beverage industry in Israel for the food giant Strauss Unilever and Shufersal, the county’s leading supermarket chain.

However wine has always coursed through my veins, influenced by my Grandfather, who was born in Shiraz, Persia, the city of poets, flowers and wine. He was a wine producer and connoisseur, and I believe my love of wine closes this circle. Allow me to introduce you to the world of Israeli wine.