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yA-yin is the ancient hebrew word for wine

The bible tells the story of Noah, the ancient hero who was the first to plant a vineyard and make wine. He started a tradition of holy-land wine making that continues today, thousands of years after that first wine.  Rich Fuchelli brings you the finest of that tradition, a collection named yA-yin, which is the Hebrew word for wine.

When we drink this wine we feel blessed. Enjoy


Vineyards – Upper Galilee

The Vineyard Region, Upper Galilee is a mountainous region in Israel’s north. The UpperGalilee optimal growing conditions are the dream of many wineries

Characterized with Long hot dry summers short cool rainy winters at an elevation of 800 meters above sea level, these beautifully nurtured vineyards benefit from a chilly climate
typical to the region as well as extreme temperatures between day and night.

The topography and the shallow and highly rocky soil helps rapid water drainage. Vines growing in these conditions have shallow roots, allowing for optimal control over their
growth processes.

The unique climate and terroir contribute to obtaining grapes with features that are ideal for creating this fine wine



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